Diane's Diamonds

And now God is building you,
as living stones,
into his spiritual temple.
1 Peter 2:5a

An Answer to Prayer

A New Grandmonther


Prime Time for Him?

There Is Hope

The Lord Provides

Trust Him With Everything

Unfinished But Favored

Worth the Sacrifice?

I first met Diane at an Aloette party. She, of course, sold me and soon I was selling the stuff myself. As it turned out, that wasn't my call, but she sure was my friend. She truly was a gift from God in many ways in my life.

When we started the ministry, Diane allowed me to call and share frustrations and joys with her. She supported my efforts. She even shared her writing skills with us. Recently, I felt the Lord telling me to call her and have her start writing again and start a section just for her, so, welcome to Diane's Diamonds!

Diane and her family are members of Gardendale’s First Baptist Church where she is a devoted teacher and member of their incredible choir! She also sells Aloette Cosmetics. So, if you have a need….

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