An Answer to Prayer

And now God is building you, as living stones,
into his spiritual temple.
1 Peter 2:5a

I presented at the beginning of this year a "grocery list" of items that I needed from the Lord. Do you ever do this? After crying out to God (I mean literally) I stopped and listened. *Try it sometimes; you can hear Him if you try. He literally told me to "worry about nothing and pray about everything." WOW! How revoluntary! How innovative! Not on your life! He has, in His Word, a message plain and clear to: "be anxious for nothing, but in prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto God."

I work full-time at a very stressful place (intensive care at a large hospital). Our in-charge persons, I will admit, are by far the most difficult human beings that I have ever worked for. But the Lord said, "Worry not, pray plenty." I put that to the test asking for a new job, giving Him all the reasons I needed to leave. I began searching for new employment. With my experience I thought I could get a job anywhere...WRONG! So far, the job leads have been dead-end stricks...NADA...nothing...zilch! Then suddenly, the Lord did something else I was shocked over...He has so far left me at the workplace, but both "evil" charge persons are leaving. Why? Who cares?

So, what you wait, but God still moves in some mysterious ways! Leaving me where I was the Lord's idea, but moving the "evilness" out of there was His will.

God has allowed me to stay to be the witness for Him, I know. Stop and take inventory here - are you listening to His still small voice? The answer is there for you - His special, one-of-a-kind Diamond in the Rough. Trust Him with everything, and listen!

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