And now God is building you,
as living stones,
into his spiritual temple.
1 Peter 2:5a

CAUTION; be careful, what you ask for God may just give it to you; and then some. Our company recently celebrated their yearly seminar in Orlando. I did not intend to do any "Disney" stuff so I asked the Lord to just let me be "used" by Him on our trip. I was really just looking for a few days of R&R. Little did I know that to the Lord that meant "realistic religion."

God used me more than I ever expected through that little prayer. I just want to share my experiences with a few people God placed in my life over a matter of days.

I guess it all began as I prayed over my room and just asked the Lord to guide and guard everything that was said and done there; including who my roommate would be and our needs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "religious" person - I just love Jesus and wanted to dedicate all my sleeping and waking moments to Him and operate in His rest.

One night after my shower I found my roommate, Dolly, in tears. After watching a Christian broadcast one night and hearing the testimonies she and I prayed beside our bed for our families. She then shared how burdened she was for her son, Matt, who was just released from prison, to be saved. Later she said that she had never felt so convicted about reading her Bible daily! Did I do that? No, but the Holy Ghost filled that room as we prayed and sang, "Our God is an awesome God" and Dolly was washed with His mercy.

God blessed me through Wilma, who I met on the return trip from the resort hotel to the airport. She was in a hurry to get home as her mother was diagnosed with liver cancer and was not doing well. I felt the Lord moving again as we held hands on that bus and prayed for her mom, Phyllis, to be healed.

Then there was Norman, our bus driver, an average, sixty-five year old who had moved from New Jersey to Florida just for warmer weather. Before our trip ended, from the airport to our hotel, we were praising God together and he blessed me simply because I asked Him to share his testimony and his love for our Jesus.

God just used me incredibly in one incident after another that the He placed me in. You know I even brought tracts along with me, but never gave out a single one. I literally forgot I had them. Sometimes our lives, our conversations with people, are the best example He has.

It doesn't have to be in Orlando where the Lord can use you. How about you - the office employee working around lost people all day, the stay at home mom, or young people about to head off for college.

Our God is awesome and omnipresent. Pray today, "Use me God" and watch what happens. I know Norman will. "Just keep on driving this bus for Jesus Norman!" My parting words to this simple, God loving man, helped me realize that our Lord beams anytime He sees a beautiful child of His - you - radiating in His love as His irreplaceable diamond in the rough.

I am praying not only for these disciples
but also for all who will ever believe in me
because of their testimony.
John 17:20

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