I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart
in the company of decent people and in the congregation.
The LORD's deeds are spectacular.
They should be studied by all who enjoy them.
His work is glorious and majestic.
His righteousness continues forever.
He has made his miracles unforgettable.
The LORD is merciful and compassionate.
He provides food for those who fear him.
He always remembers his promise.
Psalm 111:-1-5

How can we stay alive much less thrive in the days we live.?...LOOK UP...MY FRIEND,YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR...

I am not married to a rich man, but my FATHER owns the cattle on a thousand hills, I do not live in a mansion, but I have a home in gloryland that outshines the sun. My body aches with pain and tiredness [who's doesn't have this?]., but I have a new body coming from Heaven. Try this for one week TELL ME IF IT DOES NOT WORK - FOR YOU!

Every night, my husband and I are naming 10 things which were a blessing that day Instead of just reflecting what went wrong this is easy because it all comes from Him example:

  1. I dressed MYSELF,went to a job that God provided, ate food God prepared.
  2. It rained and the grass, flowers,trees,plants got a drink of His love.
  3. My car started.
  4. I safely landed at work and home

Simple truths don't allow the enemy to steal your joy,your smile, your uniqueness. Your anything...You are a shining example of His Likeness...a beautiful DIAMOND for Him.


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