Trust Him With Everything

And now God is building you,
as living stones,
into his spiritual temple.
1 Peter 2:5a

My husband Rick and I have developed the habit (and a good one) of praying together before retiring for the night. My last words one Thursday evening were, "Lord, I trust you with everything."

Friday evening we were coming home from a Christmas dinner with my husband's boss, and I was following Rick in my car when I noticed his lights dimming and the car rolling to a stop. We were, of course, looking at a sudden dead battery, and where were we? In one of the worst areas of Birmingham. This section of town was well-known for drive-by shootings, murders, and the like.

My prayer the evening before flashed in my head, "Lord, I trust you with everything." We decided for Rick to stay with the broken down car on the side of the road and I would run and get a battery.

It was not luck, good fortune, or anything of that nature protecting us, but God and His love. We hurriedly replaced the battery and drove off without a problem.

Could God be telling you right now, not to worry, to trust Him and Him alone? Whatever it is my dear friend, let go and let God have His way. You are His child - He is your Father. Right now - tell Him you trust Him in ALL things.What a glistening light you will illuminate then as His diamond in the rough!

Love in Christ

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