Worth the Sacrifice?

And now God is building you, as living stones,
into his spiritual temple.
1 Peter 2:5a

The broad-shouldered young man lay quietly against the sterile hospital white sheet. The respirator's sound of "woosh-woosh" was the only noise in the room. His mother and father enter the room, take his hand, and call his name. "Keith, Keith! Wake up son. We love you."

What a waste, I thought. Keith was only twenty-two years old. His life, according to his family, was being with his friends, going to parties, but he either, by accident, or on purpose, partied too much that night and overdosed on a lethal concoction of alcohol, marijuana, and illicit drugs. His brain was dead, the doctors told his family. He will never be anything but a vegetable.

I saw the anguish, the sleeplessness and pain of it all written across his father's face. I really thought of the waste of this precious young man's life. How God could have used him. He played football in high school, his parents told me. He could have been a great player, as muscular as he was. Perhaps even coach others. But his life would never be the same. His friends came to see him and left the room crying. I cried too.

What, dear friend, is wasting your life away? Perhaps not drugs - are you wasting your time in the wrong job? eating the wrong foods - wasting your body? are you addicted to television, computer games or smoking? All are a waste so the enemy can destroy you and God cannot use you.

Ask the Father today what He would have you do. You are His child. He will tell you; He will show you. Your body really is the place where as a Christian the Holy Spirit dwells. What have you given Him to live in? A vessel fit for His work or a broken shell waiting to die?

My friend, it is your choice. Keith made his decision. I know if he could come back and tell us he would say it was not worth it. After all - you are your Heavenly Father's glowing diamond in the rough.

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