Divorce is not a Dirty Word

Week 2 Day 6

Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

Here we are again, that "trust" word. I know trust is the last thing you feel right now for just about anyone. If I know that, I believe with all my heart that God knows that too.

Yet, He wants us to "trust" him. Remember, the first step in trusting the heart of God is for us to "Turn our eyes on Jesus and off of people." Remember, Jesus walked with the hurting and met them at their point of need. He never deserted one of them.

God will not desert you in the middle of this storm. He can be trusted. Do all that you can to prevent yourself from looking at the seeming happy lives of those around you. Keep your focus on your present responsibilities and working on your relationship with the Lord.

Do all that you can to spend time just in prayer. Tell God how you feel. He knows your thoughts even before you think them and He still loves you.

In the days of the prophet Jeremiah, times were so bad that God said He was shocked because certain sins had never entered His mind. So, apparently, some of the evil things people do had to come from the mind of Satan. Don't let Satan's thoughts become your thoughts. Keep your focus on Jesus. HE loves you and He is walking with you through this storm.

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