Divorce is not a Dirty Word

Week Three Day Three

My dear brothers (sisters), take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

I sit here smiling as I write thinking about the many preachers I have heard make one of the most profound observations of a lifetime. I will do you a favor and quote it for you, "God must have intended for us to listen more than we talk, because he gave us two ears and one mouth." Maybe the person who came up with this nugget of wisdom read this scripture.

Have you noticed just how hard it is to listen? I don't know about you, but listening for me is really hard work. Let's take for instance a Sunday morning sermon. First, you have to focus your eyes on the speaker. Then, you have to actively force yourself to keep your mind tuned into what he (or she) is saying. Most of all, it is important that you somehow find what is being said interesting or, at least, amusing. If you aren't actively doing those things, more than likely, you will dose off.

I think what James is trying to get across to us is the fact that we really need to think about what we are angry about. We need to process the thoughts before we speak what is on our mind. The chances are that if we are quick to listen and slow to speak we stand a smaller chance of getting angry.

True anger comes from feeling that someone has done something so horrible to us that we have a hard time utilizing our coping skills. The most important coping skill is thinking through or working through the pain. You have a choice. You can choose to allow someone the power to hurt you, or you can choose to turn the problem and that person over to God. He seems to be able to work out things better than I can. How about you?

Today, do all that you can to think about your choices. God loves you. He truly does have good things in store for those who trust Him. How do we trust Him? We turn our eyes on Jesus and off of people. Think on something nice not your ex! Have a great day!

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