Divorce is not a Dirty Word

Week Five Day Five

My child, if you are wise, then I will be happy. I will be so pleased if you speak what is right. Don't envy sinners, but always respect the Lord. Then you will have hope for the future, and your wishes will come true. Listen, my child, and be wise. Keep your mind on what is right& .Learn the truth and never reject it. Get wisdom, self-control, and understanding. Proverbs 23:15-19, 23

Jesus often referred to us as sheep, and let's face it sheep are dumb. Based on some of the things I have read about sheep, they have a tendency to become depressed. Therefore, I want to discuss two things that make sheep "down cast" (depressed), and they are: One, trying to find a soft spot to rest, and two, being fat. Sheep like finding a hollowed-out spot to lie down in and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when they get ready to get up, they can't. They find themselves stuck. Also, when they are fat, they have a hard time getting around with the rest of the sheep and sometimes end up being left behind.

I have wanted a "soft" life. In my eyes, a soft life is one without much hard work, but with blessings. It doesn't happen this way. Like many sheep, I am fat. Unfortunately, not only is my body fat, so is my attitude. No matter how many blessings God has seen fit to share with me, in my mind it was never enough.

When I was around the age of five, one of my mother's friends carried me with her to gospel singings. I remember sitting on the front row watching the singers, singing with them, and inwardly wanting to be a gospel singer when I grew up. Yet, something inside me told me it was impossible. I possibly could have achieved my dream if I had been encouraged to turn the dream into a goal. Children need encouragement in order to become all they can be. If we as parents can't believe in them, how can they believe in themselves?

Begin today to seek God's will for you and your children. Don't let past rejection or your divorce keep you from becoming and having all God has planned for you. Turn to Him and His ways, forgetting your own. For you see, God inhabits dwells in the praise of His people. Begin today to praise Him and thank Him, not only for the good things in your life, but for the bad ones as well. For, you see, God has allowed all these things to happen in your life for a purpose that He will be glorified. You can do it. He will provide the strength, if you will turn to His path.

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