Psalms 79:8; do not hold us guilty for our former sins! Let your tenderhearted mercies quickly meet our needs, for we are brought low to the dust.

The story of Esther has been on my mind for the past few days and as I read this scripture I thought about how Esther handled herself when she faced certain disaster. She didnít fall apart (as I have on occasion done) she didnít run hastily to try to change her situation and demand instant results. No, but through time and much preparation she made was able to make the fate of her people and herself known to the King. And see justice done. She risked her very life to go before the King (who was her husband) but none the less, because he was the King it was the custom that no one was to go before the King unless a request was sent to them from the King. As the picture unfolds I can see in my mind how as Esther came before the King she bowed low in humility and waited till the King held out his scepter, she then stepped forward and touched it, (This signified that she had been granted audience) Even then she didnít get in a hurry to hastily make her request but she waited for the right time.

When we come before the Lord He knows already what we have on our heart. But here is what I see the Lord speaking to my heart about. When I come before the Lord I should come with all my baggage laid down, so that I can set my heart on him and him alone. When I can see the awesomeness of my God and Father, His greatness, goodness, mercy and grace, it is then that faith can rise up in me. And its not until Iíve done this that I am able to make my requests known, and believe without doubting that He is able to accomplish that which He says He will to. Even tho I may have to do some repenting, God is able to turn things around when I come in faith believing that He is able.

I wonder how often in my hurry that Iíve made the mistake of rushing in and making my request to the Lord without waiting to be received by the Lord or even acknowledging His goodness and recognizing my Savior and Lord. Taken Him for granted. God wants us to reverence Him, even tho weíve been granted access by the blood of Jesus, God is Holy and He does not want to be taken for granted. Honor him with your heart not just your lips. God sees if our hearts are far from Him. Iíve come to realize how important it is to wait upon the Lord. We have so conditioned ourselves to be impatient instead of patient. Look around you, how many things to you have around you that make your life easier so that you can have more time to do whatever...... Time is of the essential to all of us. The word tells us to redeem the time. Make the most of the time we have. Have we spent any of this time in fellowship with our Heavenly Father? The number one priority in our lives often gets put aside so that we can do all these other things we want to do. Gods answer may not come when we want it to or think it should but you can be sure that the stage of our life is being set, so that the next act can be played out according to his plans and purposes. So relax and let God be the Lord of your life. Praise Him and thank Him for who He is not just for what He can do or you want done.

Father I thank you that you loved me so much that you would give up your son to die on the cross that I am saved from my sins. Thank you Lord that you have captivated my heart with the light (of acceptance) in your eyes. You drew me to you with words that I longed to hear, How I love you, how I want you here beside me. I scarce can breathe in my excitement and longing that is in my heart to hear you voice whisper to me of your love. I love you Lord My heart sings with radiant joy at the touch your Spirit has given me today. You have surrounded me with your light and truth, and set my feet on solid ground. And with your tender mercies, you will meet my every need.

In His Love
Karen Trevino

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