I've Got Good News!

Jesus went to the synagogue, as he always did, and stood up to read. Out of the book of Isaiah the prophet. He opened the book and found the place where this is written In Isaiah 61, when He finished reading he told them. "While you heard these words just now, they were coming true!" Jesus was the fulfillment of that prophecy. I woke up one night at midnight and this scripture came to mind. As I read and studied it the Holy Spirit quickened my spirit. And this is the outcome. I hope that you will be blessed by it as I have been.

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted, to announce liberty to captives, and to open the eyes of the blind. He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of God's favor to them has come, and the day of his wrath to their enemies. To all who mourn in Israel he will give: beauty for ashes; joy instead of mourning; praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted them like strong and graceful oaks for his own glory.
Isaiah 61:1-3

Bring the Good News – God has news that will make you glad and bring refreshing to the suffering and afflicted. Those who have been depressed in your mind, crushed by circumstances, needy or poor. I've got good news! Jesus is the Savior of our Souls, He has won for us, and He's given us victory over the works of the darkness that ruled our former lives. Today He is the lifter of our heads, we do not have need to bow our heads in shame any longer. The enemy who once led our lives leaving a trail of devastation, He rules no more! Why? Because he was defeated at the cross on Calvary. Jesus made captivity captive and gave good gifts to men. The gift of the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb of God has cleansed you and made you free from the former things. Not just from past but present and future. Get under the cleansing fountain that He has provided for you.

Comfort or bind up – strengthen's and gives support to the brokenhearted. To those who have had their spirits crushed and hopes destroyed. Your feelings hurt by cruel or thoughtless words. Your eagerness and drive quenched by negative words or fear spoken over you. God can take what the enemy used for your destruction and turn things around for your good. God will give us wisdom and lead us as His instruments to perform His perfect works. We can learn from what life brings our way, we can grow in grace and knowledge of God. I thank God for those who have had the guts to stand up and take steps of failures. It's through those failures we can learn to be sensitive and obedient to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Announce Liberty – to the captives freedom; spontaneity able to break away from life long habitual actions. The enemy whispers in your ear words that strike fear in your hearts. Words like what will people think if they knew I was struggling.Fear can paralize you and keep you from moving on and getting involved in the purpose that God has called to in this life. That's a trap that he sets to keep us from liberty. Satan comes like a thief to take us, he waits till we're unaware and sneaks in our back doors while we're otherwise occupied. It doesn't even matter if what we were doing at the time is good. A thief doesn't go down his list to see if we've been naughty or nice. He picks on the ones who are doing all they can to make a difference. He looks for our vulnerable spots. Breaks in and robs us blind and makes us feel ineffectual. But, when we cry out to the Lord who is our help He will rescue us and set our feet on solid ground.

Open the eyes of the blind– who have been unable to comprehend and connect with the truth they will know the truth and the truth will make them free. Divine revelation knowledge will turn the lights on in the rooms of our minds that have previously been closed up tight dusty and unused. Some of you have treasure houses stored up in your hearts that have gone unused and forgotten. Sometimes we put things away and think we will use them later. We need to take a look at those treasures. Jesus see something worthwhile in our lives, something good and he's not giving up! He has a way, a place for you. A place where you belong, at home and at peace.

Tell those who mourn – that the time of God's favor to them has come, He will set things in order. Like a good house cleaning. He will take care of the enemies of our soul as we surrender our lives to Him.

Beauty for Ashes – Beauty – an embellishment, like a garland or necklace, something that make us feel beautiful, desired by the Lord and needed in the body of Christ. For those of you who have felt like the Ashes. All that was left after the fires of devastation that ravaged your lives. Having had your vitality and joy burnt up by grief and circumstances. There is new life that will spring up from the ashes, something beautiful and good and pleasing to the Lord. Something to bring Joy into your lives.

Oil of Joy for Mourning – When your in mourning you shut down. Thru the anointing He gives us richness that revitalizes us. He anoints us with joy so that we can live fruitful lives. Joy that's supernatural and strengthens our inner self. Strength that only comes from the Lord himself, for He is strong when we are weak. He is made perfect in our weaknesses. Because that's when we realize how much we really do need Him.

Garments of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness – When we begin to open our mouths and give Him praise and worship Him in spirit and in truth. There is a mantle that comes over us that takes out of the natural into the supernatural. Takes us out of that heavy spirit that weighs heavily on us from life,anger, and circumstances that leaves us feeling useless. Our Future that was once darkened will shine brightly for us. He illuminates the way for us, one step at a time. "Thy word O Lord is a Lamp unto my feet and light unto Thy path." If the whole way is lighted for us we tend to loose focus on the fact that we need to follow closely in His footsteps.

Opening of the Prison – Tormented captives set free; The enemy laughs at you and says he's got you whipped. Says there's no way you'll overcome those things that I've trapped you with. Jesus came that you might have life! Abundant life and Salvation from sin. He's your life line. And no, you won't escape unless you fill your heart with Jesus and your mind with the word of God. Change your way of thinking through the washing of the water of the word of God.

We are Called trees of righteousness a planting of the Lord – tree represents something strong we become full of the strength of the Lord, able to walk upright and be prosperous in Him. To be planted, rooted and grounded in His word able to grow and bear fruit in keeping with His Spirit. In this we will know that God has done these things and He will be glorified by all who witness what He has brought about in our lives.

Every time I went to the Frio River and floated down on an inner tube I was always struck in awe at the trees. They grew along the river banks. Their roots were mostly exposed because of the water washing away the soil. But the roots had grown together to form a live solid embankment. Grown together in such a way that each separate tree was forever bound to the one next to it. They were literally inseparable.

One year we went there after a devastating flood had taken place. The water had risen so high there were picnic tables in the tops of trees 15 to twenty yards high in some places. Camp grounds and homes had been wiped away. But the trees…..they stood together, a strong and invincible force that withstood that devastating force of water. Some of their branches were broken off, but their core remained strong.

If the body of Christ, will line up and be bound together with ties of love. We will be able to stand invincible in the face of devastation just as those trees did. When one of us is hurting, because we're bound together we will make it thru.

Several years later after that flood took place we went back to the Frio, Campgrounds were replaced and the area and community had grown and it was even better than ever before. God will do that for us if we stand strong and unite together in Christ. Through our God we shall do valiantly! Rise up with the Good New of the Gospel, give praise to God because He will give us the victory. He has a hope and a future for us.

Karen Trevino

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