My Glory And The Lifter of My Head

But You, O LORD, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head. Psalm 3:3

When I was first saved my mother gave me a pendant with my name and the spiritual meaning of "pure" on it underneath the name Karen.  It had pretty flowers on it and it was made of porcelyn. When I saw the word pure on it, it bothered me and I wouldn’t wear it. I kept it on my dresser but I wouldn’t wear it. I would look at it and I would say to myself some day I’ll be able to wear that cause I’ll get my act together.

I went for years like that until one summer my husband and I had gone to visit with his brother and family. While we were there, my sister-in-law had asked my husband Tony if he would change the oil in her vehicle. Tony was up under the vehicle and had loosened the bolt and fumbled with it and oil spilled out on his favorite shirt. When he was done she took his shirt and threw it in the washer without treating it and the shirt came out as tho it had never been washed, the stain permanently imbedded into the shirt.

I went home with an unreasonable anger at my sister-in-law, in my mind she had ruined the shirt (not like I’ve never done the same thing, Ha Ha). I stewed over that until the next morning I got up and was praying and reading my bible, (trying to be spiritual, and I say that because my mind wouldn't stay on the Lord)  when the Lord spoke to me. He said "Karen; do you remember that shirt"? With that I felt that unreasonable anger rising up all over again, I answered in a short manner. ”What shirt!” Then He said to me, “Do you think that I’m the kind of God that when I wash you, that I’ve left your garments stained!” It was right then that the scripture, was brought home to me. That the blood of Jesus washes us whiter than snow. I’d been going around imagining that I was wearing my past for all to see.

The word says in Psalm 103:12; As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us. What He wants us to see here is that, you can go east for the rest of your life and never meet the west. If you turn around and go back to it, then yes you will meet it. When we choose to walk uprightly then those things are cast into the sea of forgetfulness. God is not the one who brings them up to us. The Holy Spirit does not bring condemnation (see look what you did, your ruined) He brings conviction to our hearts that leads us to repentance. That day the Lord was truly my glory and the lifter of my head, I went and put that pendant on and wore it till it fell apart!!!!!

How I praise Your Holy Name O Lord , that my shame you have taken from me and have hung it on the cross at Calvary and have set me free, the past has no powere no hold on me.  For You have washed  me as white as snow.

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