Little By Little

Exodus 23:22; But if you are careful to obey him, following all my instructions, then I will be an enemy to your enemies, and I will oppose those who oppose you.
I don't know anyone who is perfect and able to follow all of the law, "with no mistakes". So, since all of us at one time have sinned and fallen short it sounds as tho we might as well forget about ever being blessed! But if you will keep reading that isn't what God had planned. You will find time after time statements like; "If or when you return to the Lord your God and then wholeheartedly begin to obey, the Lord will restore your fortune." This chapter makes an interesting study, and oh how it gives such wise instruction to us even in this day and age when we "think" we're so enlightedned.
In a time when we want quick solutions to our problems, all we end up with, when we have this kind of an attitude, is a cover up. We are only able to behave ourself for awhile - until enough buttons are pushed and we're right back where we started, with possibly more problems than what we started out with.
Further into this chapter the Lord tells the Isrealites that He would send terror upon the people whose lands they were to invade. The enemy would panic before them. The Lord would send in the hornet to drive them out little by little, but He wouldn't do it all at once or the wild animals would become to many.
The Lord doesn't just sweep us clean of all our faults and inconsistencies. But little by little as we build a firm foundation, growing in wisdom and knowledge, He delivers us from our weaknesses. Strongholds are broken off of our lives as God's Word penetrates our souls and reveals the sin that remains hidden. The beauty of this is that the Lord doesn't just show us our sin, but He makes a way for us to overcome it and be comforted at the same time. We were first given victory at the cross of Jesus. As we gain more of Christ in our life, the more we are able to overcome.
Don't be discouraged by your failures, remember that He is your strength. Get up, and run to the mercy seat and find forgiveness so that you may be blessed having your fortunes restored.
Lord I praise you and thank you for your love and forgiveness. I thank you that you have set my feet on solid ground and made a way for me out of the miry clay. In that pit, when there seemed to be no way out, when I cried out to You, You heard me and answered me and lifted me out of my self-made prison. I pray that these words will touch someone's life and lead them towards your throne of grace. Amen

In His Love,
Karen Trevino

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