The Book Of Your Heart

I've read this scripture before but I read it several weeks ago in the Message Bible and it has stuck in my heart and in my head.

Ps 18:22-24; Every day I review the ways he works; I try not to miss a trick. I feel put back together, and I'm watching my step. God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.

If you would think of God's word and His ways as a ruler and follow that straight path in your daily living, you would find yourself viewing God, yourself, and others that cross your path, in a totally different manner. You would find your thoughts, actions, and reactions to be different. Why? Because your heart would be different.

God has a perfect plan for our future, a good plan that brings joy and peace to our heart. He wants to give us a hope for the future. If you've ever felt hopeless then you know what I'm talking about. Hopelessness leads us into a path of self-destruction.

For those of us who know Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior we have been given a command to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul. mind and strength. If you will start today, living your life as sons and daughters who have inherited the kingdom of God, the Lord your God will indeed re-write the text of your life.

To those of you that need to hear's not too late to see the goodness of God at work in your life. He can change your life, for God is able to take that which Satan intended to use to destroy your life and turn it around and use it for your good.

Your life's struggles, and hardships, those things that have hurt you terribly, if you will let Him, God can turn the tables and make something good. Surrendering your life is not the easiest thing you will ever do, but it's the best choice you will ever make. So open up your heart to Him, and let Him wipe the tablet of your heart clean and make a new story.

I praise the Lord for the new story in my life. I'm so glad that I allowed Jesus to come into my life. I thought that I could never be forgiven for those humiliating choices that I made. But He did, and I will never be the same! I gave him my heart 21 years ago, but I am still praising Him for the change. He is still making changes to my script. As I live my life, there will always be things that need to be changed.

Father when your word speaks to my heart I pray that I will listen with an open mind and heart. Because when I do I put the pen into Your hand. Write my story Lord, you know....the one with the happy ending!

In His Love
Karen Trevino

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