And They Were One

How wonderful it is, how pleasant, when brothers live together in harmony! For harmony is as precious as the fragrant anointing oil that was poured over Aaron’s head, that ran down his beard and onto the border of his robe. Harmony is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon that falls on the mountains of Zion. And the Lord has pronounced his blessing, even life forevermore. Psalm 133:1&2

I’ve recently met a group of people who are loaded with talents. Now, I have never gone to a school of ministry and learned all the "ins and outs." I went to the school of hard knocks. I play the piano (self taught), and what a struggle it was! There hasn‘t been a whole lot in the talent part of me that came easily. I’ve always had to work hard to train myself to do things well enough to call it “good”.

When I first started playing in Praise and Worship (the only instrument played in the church at the time, I couldn‘t hide behind anyone), I was a wreak. I struck out that first day when my music blew off the piano. I stopped right there and picked it up and started over on the song. I was so nervous, I stumbled and fumbled through every song. The butterflies were dancing in my stomach, and for some squirmy reason I could barely breathe in enough air to sing. It was a hard climb getting to the place where I am today.

The reason that I bring this up is that through meeting these special people I experienced what this scripture is saying. How wonderful it is that we can come together (as a Worship team) and not be jealous of one another, but are able to rejoice in one another's talents. From the beginning we have been able to agree together to seek the Lord wholeheartedly. Coming together in harmony we are able to accomplish more than we ever dreamed possible from the first service we played together. The scripture says in Matthew 18:19 & 20 “I also tell you this: If two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I am there among them.” The worship was awesome, not because we did it all perfect, we just came together and loved on the Lord and He chose to show up. Oh, that we all could lay down our selfish ambitions and love the Lord with all of our hearts. What awesome things we will see in the coming days ahead.

Oh Lord I pray today that we would all come to that realization that we are all one body. We serve one Lord! Bind us together with cords of love that cannot be broken. I pray that even though our thoughts may not agree on everything, that our purpose will remain true to Your purposes.

In His Love,

Karen Trevino

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