Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

1. Forgiveness A

Lord, forgive church people for not ministering to those who are hurt. Church people can stop only what they know about, and only what they are interested in knowing about. Now that church people know there is wrongdoing in worship, wrongdoing in ministry, instead of a witch-hunt, let there be change. Let there be the change of disciplining the sinner in such a way that the sin cannot continue. If that means allowing children no alone time with a church leader, so be it. If that means calling the police and pressing charges, so be it. If that means ending the career of anyone to stop his or her sin, so be it. Changing our attitude of trust so that church people all are held accountable will end the ease some people have in taking advantage of children. We want grace, and we want to practice grace, but not at the expense of the sinner being mired in sin, and the innocents being trampled. We reject fatalism, and the possibility of the sin being a lesson to be endured.

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