Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

11. Chastity

Dear God, what is so beautiful about chastity? What is so beautiful about being lonely, and not feeling touched? There may not be love in relationships, but the touching and company is worth more than the effects of chastity, surely? God, chastity means finding another way to satisfy myself emotionally. That may be doing something really good for someone else. It may be asking for something that is really good for me and no one else. Chastity is love, it is virtue, and it is having the boundary of not hurting anyone. Does it mean being repressed? Does it mean being suppressed? Does it mean twisting what is hurtful into something good if it pleases me? It does to some sick individuals who cannot see another's pain. Chastity is love, but of a sort of love that is going to be more than fair with someone, even generous.

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