Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

17. Monster within

Whatever was done to me, I am capable of doing to someone else. Whatever was done to me can be passed on. The fear that I have become a monster of pain and degradation is not something to be taken lightly. No matter how many times people rescue a little child, or a teenager from being molested, there is the sleeping giant inside that may prey on the innocents I one day know. Since therapy has been found highly ineffective to deter pedophilia, and since protecting a child from an opportunist is nigh impossible, what is the solution? What is the solution for me to know that I will not hurt someone like I was broken? What is the solution for me to know that I will not do what was done to me? God, surround me with people to protect me from my inner demons. Give me practice in changing the sin in my thoughts before they ever could be acted upon. Let me admit that I am fearing things to people who can make a difference. If it has to remain a secret, it will not be changed, ever. Lord, bring everything to the open so that it does not fester. Let me bring things openly to You before anyone else, but do not let me live alone with this pain.

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