Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

18. Happiness

How do I explain the cloud? How do I get over this funk? Of all the ideas, going through life with this mellow sadness. Happiness is something that must be practiced. It must be discovered, figured out, and with discipline practiced. If I am going to smile when I meet people it is not something that is going to come because all my life I have only received smiles. If I am going to laugh, and bring joy to others, it is not going to be because I was given laughter and joy only. The best clowns are those who have known the depths of pain and choose to bring joy t! o others, and so I can be like the best clowns, or I can go through life figuring out that I am quite happy to be so serious that it is oppressive to me as well as other people. God, I don't want to be frowning. I choose to smile and laugh.

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