Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

21. Belief

God, people can believe in mermaids and Santa Clause, but not that someone who is not grown fully can be molested? Where is the reasoning? Is it that we will only believe in fantasy, but that the hard facts of life a child, even a child of 17, can describe is going to fade away if we only ignore, or sweep aside like so much fantasy how they hurt, and how they were changed so profoundly with a terrible choice someone else made. God, help my belief that when I tell someone something bad happened, and they cannot understand it, it is only because they cannot imagine hurting someone in that way. It is not because they want it to continue, but because they do not understand. Show me someone else who can help me somehow, God. Show me that if I stop talking about what happened to me, I am giving power to someone who really needs that power taken away. God, do not let me bring more pain on myself. That is why I need to go to someone and tell them that things are not right. That is why I do not need to tell everyone I just need to tell the people who need to know. The people who are going to be protecting themselves do not need to know.

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