Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

23. Church

I may never want to go to church again, God, but then where will I be buried, and where will the funeral be? Where will my children marry, and where will I go to hear about You? Worshipping on the golf course may be an easy thing, but it is awfully difficult if people are drinking, swearing, and cheating to really give You glory. Worshipping on a boat out with a fishing rod may be easy, but sweating, fishing, and paying attention to other boaters is awfully distracting to giving You glory, God. Worshipping in church buildings may seem like a wonderful opportunity, but if people are gossiping, competing, molesting, and not helping someone who needs ministry, it is really difficult to give You the glory that church is supposed to allow. But I guess You knew that.

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