Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

24. Prayer

How can I pray to You God, when a corner of me believes You didn't control evil? How can I talk with You God, when You are supposed to know everything, and You knew about someone molesting me? How can I reconcile how wonderful You are with how sinful someone in power is/was? How can I pray to someone who is higher, better, perfect, when evil has hurt me? Will I be like Job, waiting to hear from You after spilling all of my pain, to hear Your mighty voice tell me You are Almighty, and that what the evil people do is not from Your direction? Will I be like Noah, being told that the flood was the last time that much evil will be wiped out on this earth? Will I be like Abraham, asking You not to kill everyone in Sodom, even though a lot of the people who were killed were molesters? God, how can I pray to You? Teach my spirit to go to You when in my brain a corner of me believes You didn't control evil.

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