Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

25. Spirit

God, my spirit yearns for gifts. My spirit yearns to be made whole. Gift me with Your peace, love, charity, joy, teaching, healing, and make me sing praises with the fullness of Your Spirit. Let me be so full of Your Spirit that I can withstand the pain only the Martyrs throughout time have found, and withstood because they were filled with Your Spirit. God, this is no Black Plague, and I need not flagellate (whip) myself to bring attention to my tired bones needing relief. I need not do the things church people used to do to hurt themselves seeking Your attention, but with poor judgment. I can talk to You, and do healthy things, knowing that no matter what I do, I have Your attention. I have Your Spirit lifting my spirit during trials and pain. Gift me, and please fill me with Your Spirit.

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