Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

27. Boundaries

With all the things I have been told, the capacity to say yes or no when I really wanted to say yes or no was not allowed. Many people who have not been molested know what I am talking about, because many people who were not molested were not allowed to talk back. Many people were not allowed to voice an opinion, yet they were not molested. Many people suffered too, but they did not have the boundaries I may have had moved. In land, when a boundary is moved, someone is stealing land. That is similar to what happens when people are not allowed to say yes when they mean it, or no when they mean it. Someone is stealing a boundary. Sometimes it is necessary, because a two year old may say no to sleep, but sometimes it is stealing a boundary that is important. To not even be taught that my boundary of my body is only mine to keep or give is a very important part of being safe. How can I be safe if anyone can do anything with me? God, the yes to life and the no to death of my spirit is very much something I need to spiritually learn.

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