Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

29. Safety-B

When someone wants to hurt me, and says that no one will believe me, that they will be able to hurt me more and worse because no one will believe me if I talk about what has happened to me, or what someone wants to do to me, then I am protecting the wrong person with secrets. It may not be another family member who helps me, but it may be a policeman, a counselor, a teacher, priest/minister or lawyer who can help me, and believe me. It may be that running away, finding another family member far away would help me. Children don't seem to choose strangers to live with when they are desperate to be safe. It is forced upon them, and sometimes it is just as unsafe as their family setting was. God, safety is possible. Teach me where to look for it, and how to bring it to other people when I see the signs of someone else being unsafe. When the person being abusive or molesting someone is a counselor, lawyer, teacher, priest/minister or policeman, and the chances of being truly stopped seem more difficult, help me reach a group of people who will listen. Help me find a place where I will be understood and find safety.

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