Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

31. Movies

For some reason, God, the movies talk so much about incest, pedophilia and molestation. Going to any drama like Nuts, The Gift, and so many, many more entertaining movies makes me encounter things that are so hard to handle. Maybe the writers do not know the pain they inflict, or maybe they want all the healthy people to know some of the pain of what it might feel like to go through molestation. Maybe they feel like hurting a molester, and that is why they are portraying them being hurt, or killed. The Roman Coliseum violence is justified if it is against someone who is a molester who hurts little children. God, why do we need to be entertained with the pain that goes on without change every single day? What is anyone doing to stop the molesting? Where is the change?

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