Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

33. Evil

God, evil is something that can be avoided, and there is escape. Evil is not all powerful, and yet the fatalism we have even as children makes the avoidance or escape more difficult if not impossible. Evil is only allowed because people do not see evil. If molesting minors is made legal, it is still evil, but it is no longer seen as illegal. Many people will still be very upset about children being molested no matter how legal it is. If psychologists/psychiatrists believe that .teaching children sex. makes them more fully educated, there will be enough people to know that it is harmful to fight it. If only people who believe in children bein! g protected from predators will speak out against it. The idea that there is no cure/stopping for molesters makes some people believe that it must be normal behavior for those people. But then, before lithium, what was the opinion about manic depression? God, help me figure out that I do not need to worry about what the winds of change bring, because Your truth really does not change. What is right, and what is healthy does not change, no matter what policies and ideas experts may float.

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