Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

37. Support forever?

Lord, if I get into this support group, will I be able to get out of it? Will I be able to stop going to a support group that may be so helpful to me? If I become needy and dependent on this support group, will my life become better or worse? What if there is a predator or a person who is harsh in the group? What if my feelings become really free, and scare the mess out of me? What if I am so surprised at my feelings that for a while I don't have much control, and my life spins out of control? Lord, my fears make sense to me. Give me safety by small steps, and little risks. If I am like a turtle, and retreat into a shell until I feel safe, help me figure out how to get out of the shell. Help me take two steps forward and not too many steps back. If I am always going to need a support group, and always feel needy, why do it? God, the decision to get into a group is a big one.

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