Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

39. Kindness

God, people can take advantage with kindness, and go far with kindness. It changes when it is being used for abuse. God, help me be kind to people, expecting kindness and good things from people with no abuse involved. Help me see that if I am kind, that it is not for something I can get, control, or win. It is for the practice of goodness. When people are kind to me, let me realize that they are doing this for the practice of goodness. They do not want anything. And if they do want something, and are using kindness to manipulate, let me find a way to stop it. I do not have to continue a relationship that is unkind. I do not have to settle. And I do not have to suffer quietly. I can tell someone who is using kindness for something in return to quit.

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