Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

43. Scapegoating

Powerplays for attention, for opinions, or for one-upmanship is very difficult to realize, but when it happens, it is quite disturbing. For someone to be top-dog means someone must be bottom dog, and the mutual respect is not there. A group, a person, an entity must give respect to receive respect. When someone scapegoats me, usually in a group, calling them out (like a shooting match in the old days) is one way to handle it. It is very chivalrous, but maybe not as effective as what? Surely people in a group know that this is what is happening? God, I believe everyone has some good in them, but I also believe when I wake up and realize bad things are happening, it is good to be safe. Figure it out for me, because at the moment I am dense, God.

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