Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

62. Walls

If walls could talk, the prisons would cease being a training ground for abuse. So many prisoners have been trained to abuse inside those walls. So many abusers have been released to abuse without remedial change. Their change has been to worsen. Unlike the spinning wheel of Sleeping Beauty, there has been no utter destruction of all spinning wheels/abusers save one that is hidden. The spinning wheel/abusers are protected, slapped on the wrist with a prison term that eventually releases them after they have been abusing/been abused in prison. They have been practicing their craft to hurt children. They have been punished and paid their debt to society at a cost. The cost ripples on and on and on to infinity. God, why have you allowed this evil? What do you want me to do to stop this evil?

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