Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

68. Masturbation

There, I said it! It is so common among humans, yet so stigmatized. This is how many children begin their abuse, by someone playing with them. Their boundaries are hurt. Adults who use self-masturbation to relieve sexual tension, instead of taking advantage of another human, is appropriately not hurting anyone. Masturbation has consequences. It can give horrible infections by shower massagers and women, and decrease sensitivity for women. Masturbation can decrease sperm counts for men, and cause less fertility for men. If it doesn't relieve sexual tension, and is a compulsive habit to lower the loneliness all of us struggle with at times, then it may not be healthy emotionally, physically, or spiritually. If it is forced on children, it isn't masturbation, but it is foreplay. What does a child need with foreplay? God, what are people thinking to steal childhood and innocence from trusting souls?

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