Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

74. New friends

It isn't easy to make new friends. It isn't easy because the give and take can be so risky. Do I let this person know my favorite color, or deeper things about me? Do I tell very much, or ask if they want to do something fun, and have them perhaps hurt me? That is the only way to figure out if someone is worthy to be a friend. Relationships are tricky for everyone in this world, but because I survived abuse, I have to be very careful about the rest of my life being nurturing, and outstanding. I want the very best in friends. God, please help me to be demanding, and centered on self and my needs when I consider friends. Don't let me be a nothing, a door mat, or someone who is wishy-washy or a control freak with other people. God, help me be clear in what I need.

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