Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

78. Therapy

It would be so nice to say that therapy is the best answer to most problems dealing with molestation, or abuse, or just mistreatment. But the therapist may have no frame of reference to bring much wisdom. The therapist may be on a head trip, and not know how to deal with the problems I present to that human being. Does that mean that it is a waste of time to even try a therapist? Does it mean that it will be a waste of money? Well, yes and no. A therapist can only guide, and some are not supposed to do that with different kinds of therapy. It is supposed to be helpful, and after the first session, being helped is either going to happen, or not. Having parameters, and boundaries is a good idea with therapy. Having a boundary of how many times, how much money, and where does this therapy need to take me for health should be very important in decisions about therapy. God, please help me see that a therapist is limited, and I am not giving up my power to someone who might be sitting in judgment, or might be trying to help, but still might be wrong in the way the help is given.

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