Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

89. Faith

After abuse, going to church is different for each of us. It may be that our ideas of you, God, have been challenged, or even warped. It may be our comfort level has changed, and the ways we interpret certain things are not the same anymore. Finding the right church for us may take several attempts, several visits, to very different churches. It may be that we have to be satisfied with comments that we find jarring, but are nothing to other people. It may mean trying to figure out what is spiritual to us. Our level of involvement may change with churches because we refuse to buy into some of the ideas in some churches. It could be that there needs to be more healing of our minds, bodies and souls for us to be comfortable in a group setting or in ministry again. God, you have the answers and the questions to our faith. You know when we will be ready to be involved in church. It may never be the same, but then, faith is a gift from you, so I depend on you to gift me with enough faith to worship you, commune with you, and hear your guidance. Your guidance is my anchor.

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