Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

91. Forgiveness

To think that forgiveness is easy to give is unreal. To think that forgiveness helps me so much is mixed. During trials the victim always suffers more than the accused. But the accused suffers if the victim wins. Forgiveness is not a one two punch of, I forgive; now hurt me again, because I am a doormat. Forgiveness is the understanding that the abuser is acting out the abuse he/she experienced somehow. Forgiveness is being on guard, and saying what you did is not about me, but about you, and you have to deal with that. You have to deal with hurt, and pain, because I refuse to accept it again. I refuse to allow it again. This may have happened to you, but you do not have to pass it on. You can stop the pain, just like I can stop the pain. Why continue something that is not good? God, we learn so much from your forgiveness.

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