Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

94. Secrets

Imagine all people who molest children being known. There are no more secrets about the people who molest children in this pretend world. The power of molestation is the secretive nature. Threats of killing are part of the molestation. Threats of really bad things are part of the power. To give the person the power to hurt a little so they won't hurt a lot is their success bargaining. So many times this is a lie, and the hurt is a lot, not the promised little. Shandra Levy, Elizabeth Smart, Polly Klass, Adam Walsh and millions more found this truth. In a new day, we will have no more children, nor adults disappearing because they believe the lie that they have no choice. They will no longer try to appease the accused. God, truth is your realm, your kingdom. The truth will set us free.

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