Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

96. Doubts

Doubts of what will happen, and what choices I will make are very important to me. Because I have been hurt, and I am no longer innocent of pain, will I do the same to my friends, or even my own children one day? Doubts of how I will act, and how much pain I am afraid of inflicting makes me unsure, and less likely to act as though I deserve good things. I miss out on a lot of things because maybe I buy into the abuse, and deserving abuse, instead of knowing that the abuse is about the person who is the adult, and the bad choices that person is making has nothing to do with what I deserve, or what I could have and be. I need to practice the gift of doing good, being happy, and giving people I am responsible over the breaks I never got. And the boundary of anger, and physical closeness needs to be learned as healthy, good, and the best for everyone.

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