Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

97. Hinges

Doors and windows, shutters, pianos, screens, and so many useful tools, and machines are connected by hinges. In my life, if one hinge had been disconnected, lost, or uncovered, my life would have been different. So many particles of my life hinge on one little thing. But it isn't that easy, because looking at my life, there are a whole mess of activities built on several hinges. If someone had walked in, if someone had called, if I had taken a different tack, or protested or taken some action that might have been really awful, but all I could think of, the abuse would have gone a different way. My life would have been forever changed. Maybe I called something one thing, when it was another. Maybe I forgot, or covered up something because I couldn't face it. What it comes down to is these hinges cannot be changed in the past, but my behavior can be different, and the way I see things doesn't have to be the same. It can also be different. The hinges of the past are just that. They cannot be different in the past, but in this moment, I have choices. I can open the door, release the shutter, and all things are possible.

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