Prayers by D. White

Cup Half Full: Molested as a Minor

99. Cup half empty

My cup is half empty. The milk is half gone. My life is half over, the day is half over, or ideas of what is important is half gone. These are the pessimistic ways of looking at things. To see all the sadness, abuse, molestation, pain, missed or lost opportunities and gifts in life is good for a starting point. I will start by seeing what is missing, what is gone, and what is needed. I will start by seeing the need, and then fill it. Going around and around with what happened, what hurt is part of a rite of passage of figuring it out so that either I can forget it, or I can deal with it enough to change what happens next. Everyone has failures, short comings, and pieces of history that would have been better if it had been different. But what has happened is not the end of the story. God, my cup is half empty, and so I can look at what would be better, what can be. I may only see the money problems, the physical problems, the psychological problems, or emotional problems. We, all of us, have problems of some kind, and we are all crazy to some extent. Even famous or successful people have problems, mentally or emotionally. No one is exempt from the human condition.

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