Learning to Walk as a Christian

A devotional for new Christians or those returning to the fold.
On October 15, 1975, two ladies came to my mother's door and led me to know Jesus Christ. They were Johnnie Bensko and Virginia Barnes. Johnnie went on to be with the Lord several years ago, but Virginia still teaches Sunday School at Sharon Heights Baptist Church and I've just returned there and she is now my Sunday School teacher.
When I wrote these devotionals, I was attending Gardendale's First Baptist and I dedicated them to Pastor Steve Gaines, whose preaching truly inspired me develop a hunger for the Word of the Lord.
So, I now change my dedication to include both Virginia and Brother Steve. Were it not for both of them I would first and foremost be lost and most assuredly smelling the flames of hell.

This devotional is not a work that was undertaken lightly or on my own. It is a small sampling of the life given to me by my loving Lord. The devotional began as a flicker of a flame, a desire to reach out to others, but it ended up as a light for my own path. The journey down the path God carried me to learn His heart was enlightening, but not easy. Yet, I discovered the load became lighter as I learned to trust His heart in all circumstances of my life.

I remember well a day back in October 1975; a day that started out as another day of anguish and confusion, yet ended as one of hope. The events of that day are forever engraved in my mind and heart, and I believe are written in eternity. On that day, two ladies appeared at my motherís door with Bibles in their hands. It upset my mother so badly she retreated into her sewing room until they left. These two precious ladies did not leave for almost two hours. They were divine messengers from God, sent to bring me the Good News of the Savior. It was on that day I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart. As we share our journeys you will learn, I didnít quite know what to do with Him.

The two ladies I mentioned are no longer an active part of my life. One has gone on to be with the Lord and the other is busy reaching out to others. However, the journey they opened for me that day wasnít completed in one visit. For a period of at least a year they walked along with me. Each of them encouraged me to "press on" in my walk with the Lord beyond every obstacle in my path. They led me as far as they knew how, but following a series of events in my journey, they were unequipped to help me through, I jumped off a spiritual cliff and began a road of rebellion.

I feel God has led me to share His Word, coupled with insights from my journey, in order to encourage you as you to begin yours. In the book of Revelation, the apostle John talks about two things that has power over Satan and they are, the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. I pray you will become more aware that the blood of the Lamb will be your constant shield as your testimony in Christ Jesus grows.

Please plan to spend at least fifteen minutes a day in a quiet time dedicated solely to our Lord. This devotional has been set up to take a small part of those fifteen minutes. Hopefully, as you grow you will desire more time with the Lord and dig deeper into his Word.

As I wrote, I was praying for whoever reads the words. I asked God to strengthen you with His power and might and guide you into His perfect rest. I have asked that He anoint you with wisdom for each day and to give you the ability to use His wisdom for each divine circumstance He trusts you with. Please don't be discouraged if you should fall. He will be there to help you up the moment you call on His name.

Well, let the journey begin!
In His Everlasting Love,
Sharon, your sister in Christ

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