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We want you to know that we are "real" people who have been through life's trenches and allowed God to turn our woes to wows. Once through the fire we felt God telling us to walk with others through their fires and storms.
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Below is a response from a young lady who contacted us. All she really needed was a bit of encouragement. this is what she has to say:

HELLO! Sorry I have been out of touch. This week my car officially DIED and my cell phone (which is my ONLY phone) was disconnected because my payment was not posted cuz my account # was missing....(enough of the gorey details)..Any how I am a bit cut off from "civilization" other than my boyfriends computer. I am so happy this happened! I am riding this wave with glee.
I feel like I have grown spiritually this week. I have discovered that when I pray for others I feel my faith expand and it pulls me out of myself and there for takes the edge off my depression. Not having a car or phone is so refreshing. I feel like it has calmed me down and is giving me peace.
I swear giving up things the world tells you you need draws light out of your soul. I am starting to see the bigger picture and how God is working in my life. What is to grow from the cracks in my heart is so much greater than then the pain that I feel. I am starting (slowly but surely) to to be able to harness my depression a bit better and use it as a spiritual tool. I know half of my depression is a pure chemical imbalance but I am starting to believe that I will in time get a handle on it.
God Bless,


We are here as spiritual support. Please know that we are not doctors, licensed counselors, mental health professionals, or pastors. If you have been suffering from depression for quite some time, please see a doctor as soon as possible for professional advice.

We cannot take the place of a professional. However, we do want to be a friend to you until you are more confident in God's love for you.

This ministry is not intended for diagnosis or counseling for mental health problems or personality disorders.

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We are simply lay people, just like yourself, who have "been there - done that"!

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