Please select any of the following which apply to you during the past 6 months:

Death of spouse
Marital separation from mate
Detention to jail or other institution
Death of a close family member
Major personal injury or illness
Being fired at work
Marital reconciliation with mate
Retirement from work
Major change in health or behavior of a family member
Sexual difficulties
Gaining a new family member (birth, adoption, oldster moving in, etc.)
Major business readjustment (merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, etc.)
Major change in financial state (a lost worse off or a lot better off than usual)
Death of a close friend
Changing to a different line of work
Major change in number of arguments with spouse (more or less)
Taking out a mortgage or loan for a major purchase
Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan
Major change in responsibilities at work (promotion, demotion, transfer)
Son or daughter leaving home (marriage, attending college, etc.)
Trouble with in-laws
Outstanding personal achievement
Wife beginning or ceasing work outside the home
Beginning or ceasing formal schooling
Major change in living conditions
Revision of personal habits (dress, manners, association, etc.)
Troubles with the boss
Major change in working hours or conditions
Change in residence
Changing to a new school
Major change in usual amount or type of recreation
Major change in church activities (a lot more or less)
Major change in social activities (clubs, dancing, movies, etc.)
Taking out a mortgage or loan for a lesser purchase
Major change in sleeping habits (more or less sleep)
Major change in number of family get-togethers
Major change in eating habits
Minor violations of the law

Your combined Stress Score is:

Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe came up with the Stress Chart in 1967. The chart you just used came from Psycholgist Georgia Witkin, who reassessed the chart in 1990.
If you scored less than 0 - please contact me I want to talk to you! I need your advice!
If you scored between 25-150 you are facing the average stress most other people are facing, but it never hurts to talk to someone.

If you scored between 150 - 300 there is a 50% chance that you will experience a physical illness within two years if the emotional stress is not dealt with. If you scored over 300 there is an 80% chance of contracting a major illness, having an accident, or becoming clinically depressed. Please know that we are here for you and support you as you seek help from your physician!

If you would like to know the values for particular circumstances they are located on the Stress Values page.

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