Creating a website is fun!

Can you believe I, Sharon Sanderson, created this website? If I can - you can!
The first thing you need is a host. Your host will provide space on the web and help you get a domain name. We use

The second thing you need is good software. We use the wonderful software HomeSite by

Most of my graphics, java, and navagational things came from

They have many wonderful tools to help you!

I found the awesome backgrounds for the devotional pages at

Other awesome places to get graphics, and I used them too are listed below.
If by some chance you designed some of the graphics on this website, and I have not given you credit, please email me and let me know. I want to give credit where credit is due.


Also, my lifetime friend, Sharon Bowman, made most of the beautiful graphics that you can click on to send me email. Thanks Sharon!
Most of the music came from:
The Contemporary Christian's source for Christian MIDIs, Real Audio, Music Comparisons, Articles, Awards, & stuff for the whole family!

Of course, I would be willing to help you get your website together for a small fee! :) Seriously, just email me if you have any questions. This is fun stuff!

Hope you were encouraged.
Please come back anytime.
Email me if you have something to share.

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