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One of the most important things that happens through this website is prayer. We want to pray for you and with you. Please share your prayer needs with us! We no longer publish prayer requests on the website. They are sent directly to the Prayer Team and held in confidence.

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This is a prayer request for a man in urgent need of prayer. I'm asking you TODAY, please take a moment and pray for him. He is in a situation that few people find themselves in. He is criticized by many people at every turn, and few people have taken the time to thank him for the things that he has done for them.

A lot of people know him, but few people know the extent of his situation. We're quick to criticize when we've never walked in his shoes, and we're slow to pray that God will show him which way to go.

So I'm asking you to stop at some time TODAY, and pray for this man. He needs our urgent prayers that God can give him the guidance he needs to get through this situation. This man hasn't asked me to do this, but I feel led to do so and I'm sure that he appreciates all your prayers.

Please pray for him. Trust me, if you were facing what he is facing, you'd want people praying for you!

Hope you were encouraged.
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