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We are at War!

Since the attack of 9/11/01, our country has found a new sense of patriotism. Although they say we are no longer "officially" at war with Iraq, our men are still there, and as Christians we are at war with the ultimate enemy - Satan and his demons. We are also at war against anyone that proposes a threat to our Nation or any other nation. We are truly the land of the free!

High Speed Presentation - We Are At War!

Dial up Presentation - We Are At War!

I do not know who took the pictures, but I would be more than happy to give them credit. I truly believe that any credit should go to those who are fighting and to the people who take the time to record it for history!


Most of the pictures in these presentations are from
Moon and Back Graphics

The following presentation was created just as we went to war!
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Our War Tribute

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Many people have sent me special writings and I feel led to post them on the website for your enjoyment. If you discover any of these things are copyrighted, please let me know and I will be more than happy to give credit where credit is due!

911 - A Tribute

2000 Vote

2004 Vote

A Lesson For My Son

Bill of Non-Rights

Denison Report

God Bless America

In God We Trust

School Prayer

The Average Soldier

The Flag

The Law

The Vet and Ann Margaret

The Veteran

Tennessee Principal

Who Were These Men?

In Memory of His Rank, His Love for
His Lord, His Wife, His Family, and His Country

President Ronald Wilson Reagan
1911 - 2004

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Voices of School Children Singing Battle Hymn

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